Interior Signs

Use your walls to brighten up the workplace or make a statement. 

A directory board or a logo adds visibility for your company.

From door labels, directory boards to window films, corporate logos to prohibition signs all can created by the team at Blue Cat Signs and Graphics.

Signs are needed indoors for many reasons - legal (compliance) reasons, safety reasons, directional assistance or compliance, atmosphere,  promotion, branding, corporate identity, privacy  advertising.

These include: Directory Boards, Door names, staff and customer directions, trade displays, promotional displays, safety signs, corporate logos, 3d logos, door signs, illuminated sign’s, graphic wall prints, posters, pull up displays, display stands, fabric prints, canvas prints. 

Your signs can be simple text, logos, or images. For example - your “Wellington Room” could be labelled with a simple plaque or it could have a photo of Wellington all over the feature wall. Your staff room could have plain painted room or it could have a welcoming sunny park scene.

Imagine a camping shop with a plain cream wall and compare it with a mountain scene with the tents and packs in front. Which will create the “right feel”?


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