Flags and Pull-ups

Are you sponsoring an event? To get the the most out of your sponsorship deals consider using a banner or flag to reach your target directly.Banners can be made from a range of products. 


With a distinct upper curve and straight leading edge, Cosmic flags carry a fun message playfully and a serious message with authority. Available in both single and double sided options, your Cosmic Flag is versatile and stylish.Cosmic flags suit indoor displays and outdoor events with light to moderate winds. They are recommended for wind conditions up to 50kph and come in Small, Large and Extra Large heights.For more specifications please click here 

The most common banners produced by Blue Cat Graphics are directly printed to a 600 gsm pvc banner stock and are then finished to your personal requirements.  These will depend on where you intend to install your banner.  For those wanting the most flexibility we will use ropes and eyelets to finish the banner.  

Banners can be left raw so they can be fitted to special "skin frames" or stapled direclty to a wooden frame.   Many of our competitors will supply banners printed using eco-solovent inks on a 500 gsm stock, our full solvent ink printed onto 600 gsm stock and given a clear overcoat will provide a more durable product.   

For a similar price you will get a product that in most circumstances last a lot longer.Internal banners can be printed on pvc, fabric, synthetic paper and poster paper.  

Pull-up Posters

When you need a portable self supporting display a pull up could be what you need.  There are many to choose from but our standard one is the most popular, the height of the pullups vary but typically is 2050x850mm and their self supporting nature will help you get your message to your target audience.

These  digitally printed posters are on a retractable stand - incredibly easy to put up and take down! They come with a carry bag for ease of travel - When posters need to be replaced, just call us, we will discuss artwork and we can replace the poster for you.

I want a banner for our annual fair. Can you change the dates (times or other information)?

We can print the basic banner and then apply self adhesive cut vinyl specific details. These can be changed each year. 

How long will my banner last?

This will depend on how you look after your banner, both in storage and when in use. If your banner is not secured properly, exposed to high winds or rubbing on a solid object (a scaffold bar or a concrete corner of a building) then it could fail quickly. A banner that is rolled up into a tube for storage will out last a banner that is folded like a sheet.Banners


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